Dear Friend,

On behalf of the 240 chapters and colonies, and over 250,000 initiates, we welcome you to the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. We sincerely hope that you will take the time to review the materials on this site, to see for yourself how the tremendous opportunities which accompany membership in Kappa Sigma can help you to reach your goals. From leadership training, to alumni-career networking opportunities, life-long friendships and noteworthy service events, Kappa Sigma has become one of the premier organizations on today's college campuses.

Make no mistake about it, however, that membership in Kappa Sigma is fun, and any of our members will certainly tell you that you will have the time of your life in university as a Kappa Sigma. However, equally as important as having fun in university, is the attainment of a quality education, the accomplishment of receiving a degree, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to experience the wealth of learning opportunities that exist outside the classroom. It is these experiences which help us all grow into better, more responsible, and more civically-minded individuals. Through our dynamic brotherhood, our unique programs, and our time-honored history, Kappa Sigma serves to help its members achieve their college and lifetime goals.

Keep in mind that Kappa Sigma is hands-on, as we are interested in recruiting men who will participate in chapter meetings, in our community service events, in our leadership programs, and in our brotherhood development activities. Simply, if you have initiative, are willing to be active, and are interested in working on your leadership skills from day one, Kappa Sigma is the place for you.

Therefore, we welcome you to see for yourself how Kappa Sigma can help you reach your goals, and can help give you the opportunities that will afford you a great university career with outstanding possibilities. On campuses across North America, literally thousands of men just like yourself will be getting involved in a chapter of Kappa Sigma this semester. We look forward to you being among them.

Fraternally Yours,
The Men of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity