Initial Founding

The History of Kappa Sigma stems as far back as the 1400’s when five students banded together for mutual protection from Cossa, the Governor of Bologna, who preyed upon foreign university students who weren’t from Bologna. These five students were disciples of Manuel Chrysoloras, a Greek scholar teaching at the University of Bologna, and joined together under his guidance to create Kappa Sigma. Their brotherhood allowed them protection from Cossa, and any others who meant harm to the foreign students.

Order Decline

During the Renaissance, Kappa Sigma existed at many universities. Although by the middle of the 19th century, Kappa Sigma was barely active, due to declining interest in fraternities in Europe. Though Kappa Sigma was barely active, it would soon be revived in North America after one of Kappa Sigma’s Founding Fathers was told by his host, “My colors fade…for want of wearers”, charging him to bring Kappa Sigma to North America.

Order Revival

Kappa Sigma was revived in North America on December 10th, 1869, when five friends who were enrolled at the University of Virginia met during a cold evening at 46 East Lawn to draft a constitution and found the Kappa Sigma Fraternity in North America.